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  • 08.10.2019
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   The functional activities relating to the rights and protection of women of the JSC «National Power Grid of Uzbekistan»  are jointly performed by employees of the Human Resources Department and the joint trade union committee. Approximate areas of work are as follows:

   - ensuring the effective implementation of state policy to support women, protecting their rights and legitimate interests, increasing their role and activity in the socio-political life of the country;

   - strengthening the role of women in the family, society and the labor community, in the sphere of state and public administration, their social and legal support;

   - taking an active part in the development of normative acts on women in government and administration in the prescribed manner and amending and supplementing the current legislation to protect the legitimate interests of women;

   - organizational work for women who are active and proactive in the life of society and the state, making a worthy contribution to the formation and prosperity of the family, the protection of motherhood and childhood;

   - ensuring the wide involvement of the girls of the Joint-Stock Company in participating in the district (city) stages of the State Prize named after Zulfia;

   - Organization of participation of women with their innovative projects in competitions held by international organizations, ministries, as well as assistance in the implementation of innovative projects of talented women;

   - targeted work with women scientists, inventors, specialists and entrepreneurs working in various sectors of the economy;

   - Women's participation in conferences, symposia, seminars, exhibitions and fairs organized at the international and national levels with the results of their innovative projects;

   - development of inventive and entrepreneurial activity of women;

   - carrying out activities to inform the public about the work of women, scientists, inventors, specialists and entrepreneurs;

   - timely identification of women's problems, compilation of targeted lists of women who need help and are in a difficult social situation, including women with disabilities, providing them with social, legal, psychological and material support and other functions in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Source used: http://www.wcu.uz/uz/central

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